Karthis Phenomenal Salary Hike


Karthi is on ‘Cloud Nine’ in the aftermath of the rousing success of his latest film ‘Siruthai’, directed by Siva and opposite Tamannaah. Incidentally, this is the second successive successful film in Karthi-Tamannaah’s combination after their ‘Paiyaah’ last year, making them a hot-favourite pair among producers and directors.

Karthi’s dual role(s) in only his fifth film and the fourth year of his career in the industry came in for much praise from industry folks. Still, observers say that the fee that is reportedly being quoted by the actor after ‘Siruthai’ has nothing but been ‘phenomenal’.

Sources close to the actor agree, on condition of anonymity, that the fee demanded by the actor is just a shade better than his own brother and established star, actor Suriya. Karthi could be calculating his fee based on the ‘fact’ that his film is doing ‘far better’ than another leading actor’s film, which too released on the same Pongal eve. Karthi, meanwhile, is said to be starring in Studio Green’s next film (managed by his close relative Gnanavel Raja), which is likely to be directed by leading Tollywood director Bommarilu Baskar.

Is someone murmuring that Tamanaaah would invariably be the heroine opposite Karthi in his new venture as well?



  1. karthi fan

    He deserve it,athaan kodiya kodiya panam kottuthe siruthaila after rajini karthi is the vasool chakaravarthi,karthi rocks 🙂

  2. sano

    they should give their salary fairly, you know the success of films is not just actors, actress and directors but the others who helped, they should get credit

  3. karthi fan

    lungia vechu polaikirano ila jattiya vechu polaikiraano  ada  kovanatha kooda vechu polaikattum screenla  paarka mudiyutha? athaan main, thalaivar jattiyoda vantha kooda visil adippomilla namma heheehe athaan mukyam.
     Kanna epdi varrankirathu mukyam illa withoutla vanthalum rasika vaikiraana athaan mukyam itha paarunga pa muthala 🙂 😀  

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