Karthis next film with debutant director


Actor Karthi was in some sort of a dilemma as to which one to take up and which one to refuse. The actor, whose latest film ‘Siruthai’ opposite Tamannaah has been doing average business across the state, was taking his own time in choosing his next film from the various offers he was being flooded with.

Sources close to him say that he must have listened to nothing less than 70 scripts so far but hadn’t yet come to a conclusion. The directors and assistant directors who narrated scripts to Karthi were some of the leading directors in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada film industries. Still, Karthi was not impressed enough.

An assistant director, who had been working with director Dharani, has managed to do something that many others have tried and failed. Karthi appears to have been deeply impressed by the script narrated by this assistant director and has assured that he would go ahead with the project which would make the latter make his debut as director in Tamil films.

Though Karthi and Suriya had decided sometime back not to star in new directors’ films, Karthi has reportedly made an exception due to the ‘amazing’ script he was narrated. The film is likely to be produced by family friend Gnanavelraja.



  1. fixer

    why you are proud of him..he played for India, or he fought for independence..enakku puriyalai..ada loosu koothi….he is just an entertainer…

  2. Raman

    Everyone knows Siruthai was the highest grosser amongst Pongal releases and a roaring success earning a profit of Rs.30 crores. By terming it is average collection, the writer of this article is trying to belittle Karthi’s success.
    Karthi is the really the sweetest thing that has happened to Tamil Cinema in the last few years

  3. Mohan

    Some Christian journalists are trying to impose their opinion and trying ot project every Hindu actors (like Surya, Karthi, Dhanush, Jeeva) in poor light whereas they promote those actors with Christian leaning like Joseph Vijay , Ajith , Seeman , SJ Surya trying to project even theiraverage movies as super hit movies

  4. reema

    surya and karthi botrh are crap.. “we won’t act in new director’s film” — shows thier lack of self confidence.. anyone can give hits with top directors.. for that popular heroes are not needed.. popular heroes should really give oppurtunity to young new directors and do experimental films.. should not take the safest way of doing films with popular directors and remake films

    so bad money minded actors

  5. Aravind

    So what abt Rajini ,Kamal,Vijay and ajith…all would look for success……its very natural for people to run behind sucessful directors…whats wrong in that???

  6. Parasuram

    Ajith was a hindu before wedding and he continues to be partly Hindu for his father’s family. His wedding to Christian Shalini and he got his wedding solemnised in church to please her and her family. Ever since , he has been moving and behaving like a Christian except for few occassions.

  7. Aravind

    Hahahaha good joke…….if i am a racist what abt u then????kamal and vijay is also tamils…..i have cited them also…do u want to get removed u r comments again????see u r name itself proves what type of person u r……

  8. guy

    reema i’m surprised at ur comments.. not every1 cangive hits with top directors.. was raavanan a hit? or kandasamy? how abt villu directed by prabu deva who had given a hit like pokiri? and even raktha charitiram by ram gopal varma? all above mentioned movies were flops or average grossers only..

    and read the news properly.. karthi is giving a chance to a new director this time, despite not approving the scripts of leading directors.. so pls dun comment anyhow..

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