Karthi-Ranjani to visit Tahiti Islands for honeymoon

Karthi Ranjani

Actor Sivakumar’s long search for a suitable bride for his younger son and actor Karthi ended successfully when the former officially announced that the family has chosen Ranjani as Karthi’s bride. Born to Chinnasamy and Jothi Meenakshi in Erode, the good-looking Ranjani has finished her post-graduation in English Literature (with a gold medal, of course!) from the Stella Maris college in the city.

5-film old Karthi has managed to become one of the top heroes of the present generation within a short span of time. He had a great debut with ‘Paruthiveeran’, the award-winning film by Ameer. Young and successful, he wasn’t spared by Kollywood’s rumour mills which worked over-time in linking him to whichever heroine(s) he worked with.

Groomed well by his parents, Karthi had always maintained that he would be marrying any girl chosen by his parents. It is said that when the family visited the bride’s place for finalizing the marital arrangement, Karthi was engaged in a ‘deep and long’ hour-long conversation with Ranjani, who told him that she liked him in ‘Paruthiveeran’ and ‘Aayirathil Oruvan’.

The couple, who would be tying the nuptial knot on the 3rd of July, has planned to air-dash to the picturesque Tahiti Island, situated at the zone where the Pacific Ocean meets the Atlantic Ocean.

Good place to visit for a honeymoon!



  1. lalala

    Sivakumar is the best dad in the world, I believe.. But he should have taken more time and chosen a better gal. Ranjani looks older than Karthi..

  2. Vasin

    I think it is Tahiti; perisa bread bake pannikuvanga; aana oru periya hole vara maathri pannikuvanga; aproma fanta’vala antha hole’a fill panikuvanga; aproma saapduvanga!

  3. Karthi Sivakumar

    sappa figure ellam ippo padathula nadikranga adhunala sumarana figure elam super figure ah theriyudhu… 🙂

  4. naankadavul

    there’s a factual mistake in the article…”the good-looking Ranjani has finished her post-graduation in English Literature”…she is NOT beautiful…unless your of course referring to “inner” beauty, something thats made up by ugly people 

  5. naankadavul

    are you lonely? why would you post your e-mail up, patheticcc

    okay so heroines are sluts…what does that make the actors? politicians? lol TN is going down the drain with this type of thinking…

  6. [email protected]

    are you crappy ? posting email id is much better than posting crappy names like naankadavul. So r u god?….i dont need to hide my name like you unless and otherwise I am posting some stupid comments like u

  7. [email protected]

    are you crappy ? posting email id is much better than posting crappy names like naankadavul. So r u god?….i dont need to hide my name like you unless and otherwise I am posting some stupid comments like u

  8. naankadavul

    guy thats the best you can do? no wonder you need to post your e-mail to make friends…lol
    admit it you made a mistake…and move on..instead of trying to make your self cool by trying to critique my awesome name…you wish you thought of it…but you didnt because no body likes you..and no body asked you to be born…not even your own mother…
    you know how i know because…NAAN KADAVUL..now go do pal abishekam to my poster and light fireworks to celebrate my comment 

  9. Reader

    ippo marriage aana royal pairs’eh innum decide pannala honeymoon enga polam nu, but kalyaname aagala months to go athukulla honeymoon plan  😛

  10. bebo

    cooking stories is der business i mean the editors and writers .,. ppl in show business like it… fools are the people who spend and react to these fake or “dese” stories..  🙂

  11. Vasin

    Sila peru solraanga we are 20 years behind West’nu. Some believe we are 200 years behind (Industrial revolution). One Professor said Asia is 2000 years behind UK’nu. Intha wedding’a paartha we can’t hold something like this for next 2000 years. So much Harmony and Beauty. Unbelievable!

  12. [email protected]

    yes u r right…i do wanna make friends but not with half baked retards like u……yes i admit that i made a mistake by replying to a crap like u .i swear that i will  no more make that mistake…

  13. Vasin

    Crowd say the Police have been so friendly with them. I can’t believe this. Namba Police evlau tension’a nippanga? London Police is friendly even with imminent Islamic Terrorist threat!

  14. oruvan

    it is also acceptable for them to decide where to go for honeymoon.. itha oru news nu potaan paaru editor.. avana solanum..

  15. ash

    Hope karthi doesn’t end up like Prashanth.. he also married the so called homely girl who eventually ditched him. Anyways good luck karthi…

  16. ddfg

    Praveen..Are you male right?? Talk like male.. if you are 8+1 then ok.. Karthik is not only the boy in the world
    I dont know why this hell fans are doing like this.. thats y the people who dont know to speak tamil starting  parties for election…

    I would say you are all fools than enough

  17. ddfg

    praveen.. evanda unaku sonathu neraiya poonunga avanuku wait panraangannu.. yennda? aatu piece ellam hit piece aakureenga?

  18. Aravind

    Everybody have their own views but it should not hurt or degrade others…….nankadavul..why u have personal grude against them??

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