Kamals Thalaivan Irukkindraan to takeoff Soon

Kamal Haasan -  Anushka
Kamal Haasan - Anushka

Now that his ‘Manmadhan Ambu’ has hit the screens and the box office collection has not been doing reasonably well inspite of most movie crtics appreciating* the movie. Ulaga nayagan Kamal Haasan has already moved ahead and has started the preparatory work for his next project  titled ‘Thalaivan Irukkindraan’. In which he would be doubling up as the director too after having worn the hat in Virumandi.  Thalaivan Irukkindraan will be produced by Kamals own Raajkamal Films along with Disney of Hollywood.

Anushka Shetty, the hot favourite among Tamil heroines at present, might get a look in as Kamal’s heroine in the film, as we had revealed two weeks back.

The next news coming out  is the  leggy ass is said to have been offered a huge amount as her fee, a sum which has never been paid to a heroine in Tamil film. She has also been asked to allot a call-sheet schedule of six months on-the-trot to enable Kamal Haasan to complete the film at a stretch. Also Anushka hasn’t committed herself to any other Tamil film till now, Besides ‘Vaanam’ opposite Simbu

Months back, during a casual and informal chat with the media at the Manmadhan ambu press meet, Kamal himself broached the subject of ‘Thalaivan Irukkindraan’  and he also had said that the script and dialogue portions of the film had been completed by him.

In all probability, Kamal might make a formal announcement about the launch of ‘Thalaivan…’ on the New Year’s eve!




  1. suresh

    dei mandaya, first englisha olunga eludhu    its not ‘appreating ‘, it is ‘appreciating’. Also incorrect spelling in second sentence.   First learn to write in English and then write an article.    Second, think when you watch Kamal movies, then only you will understand and enjoy the movie.   Third, why the movie collection is not well?????? wait for the actual figures….in chennai alone the weekend box office collection is approximately 1 crore. Outside India it was running packed houses over the weekend. 

  2. Vasin

    Ean Thamil’eye eluthalame!


    Manmathan Ambhu oothikicha Kamal satham podama nnonu pannarathuku ready aayitan. Peru Thalivan Irkaran. Stalin’um Ravi’um kavuthutanga’nu nenech intha vaati ellathayum thaane pannika poran.

    Anushka mela kannu potrikan.

    Perisa oru amountu kuduthu Anushka’va valachu poda try panran. Ava kaalu evlau long’a irko athini zero irku antha amount’la.  6 maasathuku Anushkaku Finishka.

    Munnadiye Thalaivan Irkaran pathi peethikitrinthan.

    Puthu Varshanthandi marupadiyum peethukuvan.

  3. Dey Suresh

    Spelling mistakes can happen…

    First try to behave yourself b4 commenting on others…. If you can’t even tolerate a spelling mistake…What would you say about ur Kamal’s the worst film of the year ‘Manmadhan Ambu’

    Ennada ..Indha padam oru padam nnu Adhukku Support…


    I am from US daa….I too had been to this Studip movie…only 10 people came to watch this film… Suddha waste….

    Enna kevalamana padam…Idhukku Kamal pola oru 50 yrs filmy experience thevayumilla…Singaporela bandhava audio releasum thevayilla…

    Kamaloda personal life maadhiriye padam edutthirukkan…Olukkam ketta nai…Trishavum Madhavanum Love pannuvaangalam …Appuram aval kamala love pannuvaalam…

    Avvalavu periya industrialist Madhavan , the egoist finally got married to a divorced lady… where’s the logic…

    Very stupid  comic sequences in the name of Comedy…Thu…

    The kids talk too much…

    Paaduraengira perula ..Paattai kolai pannirukkaan… Lyricsngira perila Kaama Kavithai padikkuraan…

    Podaa…Neeyum Kamalum

    I am damn sure..You must be a characterless fellow like Kamal…

  4. Madurai muniyamma

    hello vasin sir i love you  
    i studied 10th std  
    can you marry me please  
    i know to cook  
    i know to wash clothes  
    umma umma

  5. MR.MAN

    hey wats wrong in marrying a divorcee? and not every1 marries the person the love? if love aaj kaal, which shows hero and heroine making up after meeting on the same day, can be a hit, then why cant this movie can be too?

    although endhiran was a hit, there were some weirdoes going around saying it’s a flop. i guess u r one of them too.

    and kollytalk admin, on wat basis are u saying tat the film is not making money? can u give the link like u always love to do!!

  6. Anonymous


    In love aaj Kaal, though the hero n heroine fell in love at first sight, they never used to suspect each other.

    Here Madhavan character was portrayed a ‘Sandega Pirani’, he suspects Trisha too much…He even linked her with her co-star…and tried to video shoot that scene n wanted to publish to the public..

    If such a guy marries a divorced lady, what’s the guarantee that he will not suspect that lady too…Definitely he would suspect more..

    Some logic shud be there…

    Though we cannot expect a flawless movie, at least Kamal kind of persons who are holding a vast no of experiences in the film industry should cover these types of loop holes…

  7. Subbu

    To all who gave comments against this movie.
     what logic is there in Enthiran?   What story base that movie is having?   
    Enthiran is watched only for the graphics and the make up of rajani.  
    Kezhavanukku, kelavi, mutham kudukkara, is that a story? 

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