Padma Bhushan

Kamal’s name deleted from Padma Bhushan Awardees list

Padma Bhushan
Padma Bhushan

It is said that ‘Ulaganayagan’ Kamal Haasan’s name was deleted from the list of ‘Padma’ awardees finalized and revealed by the Union Governmentlast week. The deletion was apparently a ‘last minute exercise’ initiated at the behest of those in the know who didn’t want to include a ‘controversial’ person’s name among the awardees who would get their awards from the Hon’ble President of India.

Vishwaroopam, Kamal’s upcoming film, has gotten into controversy with many Muslim organizations demanding a complete ban on the release of the film. The Tamil Nadu government banned the film’s release temporarily resulting in the film not hitting the screens last Friday as per schedule. Sources say that it was felt in Delhi that awarding Padma Bhushan to Kamal Haasan at this juncture might send wrong signals.

As such, Kamal Haasan’s name was reportedly ‘deleted’ from the list of recipients of Padma Bhushan, the third highest civilian awards given by the Union Government. n the meantime, the Muslim organizations have said that Vishwaroopam shouldn’t be released at any cost and added that they would even go to Supreme Court in achieving their objective.

In case the ban (on the film’s release) is lifted by a team of judges from the Chennai High Court  the organizations said that they would appeal against the lifting of the ban. In a joint statement issued by 24 organizations, they have further reiterated their opposition to the film’s release in any part of the country.



  1. banuchan

    I didn’t know Indian have become sooooooo stupid……………..Just because of one movie……& just because of a small group of fanatics……the Indian government refuses to acknowledge Kamal’s life time achievements. How dense can you’ll get! VERY BAD GOVT. VERY BAD POLICIES & VERY BAD ATTITUDES……………….Indian government & its policies, laws, etc. have to be bleached washed clean……………& I am not only referring to this particular matter!

  2. not needed

    where were all these protesters on Nov26 th when bombay had all the commotion. where were you all when the soldiers at the border were beheaded. where were you all the great uplifters of islam when allah taught you to be kind to everyone. If you were blind and deaf continue to be the same. Let peace prevail in India.

  3. Iniyan

    Kindly ask the protester’s to go Indian border and give voice against Pakistan Terrorism. No protester will do that and none have done that. They knew if they give voice against Pakistan, they will be the first to be shot.

    Who do terrorism..? It is people of Islam, Islam, Islam..!

    What’s wrong on narrating the truth on movie’s. Wake up Indians, It is high time to teach a good lesson for the protester that they live, earn and grow in India. But, they be loyal to terrorist of Islam.

    Cheap Politics and Religion Movement is hidden in this protest..! Slowly virus is entering our home, remove it or kill it immediately..!!

    Wake-up Indians, Jaihinth!!!

    1. indian

      who does terrorism is not islam..first check out the loopholes of ur religion u idiot!! worshipping idols as if it has life..!!it has no life and the ugly statues are onli a piece of shit!!

  4. myindia

    the religious hurting movies should not be encouraged .. please understand the sentiments of the people.. and more.. particularly targeting one religion is not good in the society. think in the point of muslim would know how hard it is..

  5. myindia

    And moreover if the people in ur religion were called as terrorist u would know how the pain would be.. and moreover people should know terrorist are some psychos and beasts and they should not be compared with religion

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