Kamal Hassan Birthday Gift to fans: Maruthanayagam restart

Kamal Hassan as Maruthanayagam
Kamal Hassan as Maruthanayagam

Some call him the “Universal hero”, some “All in All” yet some call him the “Different in All” there may be more than a million names that come whispering in your years when you hear the name “Kamal Hassan” the actor who  wants to rewrite everything, is celebrating his birthday.

Happy birthday Ulaga nayagan Kamal

And here is the news to the fans that can make them sit on edge of the seat.. the dream come true project , a tale never told before – Maruthanayagam -a rebel who fought for dignity, just freedom won’t do, halted earlier is now gearing to re-start

The storyline deals with the undying spirit of a rebel against the caste system in circa 1740 A.D.  The movie commenced it’s shooting in 1997 after being launched by Queen Elizabeth II. Reports suggested  that just 30min of the movie cost a mammoth 45 million Indian Rupees, hence the movie had to be put on halt due to financial pressure. While some suggested that actor and Aascar Films producer Ravichandran had their share of differences during the filming of Dasavatharam.

But now that matters have been resolved Ravichandran has taken up the responsibility to deliver this mega epic and reportedly Aascar Films will draw the final curtain on ‘Maruthanayagam’. Sources further confirmed that the producer and actor Kamal Haasan are in discussion for the project and an official announcement will be made soon.

With Kamal anchoring the ship strong and mind boggling production values this one is definitely going to be a visual treat and considered to be a landmark offering in Indian cinema.

Enjoy the trailer:



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