Kajal Aggarwal takes up drinking after break up

Kajal Aggarwal takes up alcohol after break up

Kajal Aggarwal takes up drinking after break up

Kajal Aggarwal has lost her cool yet again and what does the lady do about that….well she goes for a HOT drink. Ok if that din’t sink in yet; news is that the Naan Mahaan Alla heroine is taking some heavy doses of alcohol to get over her break up with one Prabhas. Sources report that Kajal and the young Telugu hero Prabhas were really close to each other until things went off-road after a rejected phone call.

Following which, things went haywire between the two with the pair calling it quits from either ends. As a result lady Kajal has chosen those regular pints to be her closest friend and she makes it a point to intoxicate thyself with at least one peg before the shoots. It is heard that Kajal was really upset with the whole photo-shoot thing she did for a magazine earlier, as it brought some heavy damage to her cute girl looks. Kajal even tried to put forward her part of the story, but all claims were proven false with the magazine people coming out with an official statement saying the girl was flipping her stand. And after all that drama she had to go through, Kajal just couldn’t take it anymore and ended up bowing before the whisky bottles and breaking up with her lover boy Prabhas.

All we can say is, it’s a pity to see beautiful women turning to alcohol to set things right. What do you think people?




  1. David billa

    most of the actress consume alcohol..trisha , shriya, and other btches..so this is not a news unless she takes curd milk before shooting.

  2. Smile

    I used to like her because I thought she was a decent actress but now after the photoshoot thingy,I hate her.She is not as innocent as she seems.No decent girl will pose topless.Which guy(didn’t even know she was attached)would want his lover to expose?Even if they called it quits,turning to alcohol is not an option.I don’t think any dir./prod. would cast her hereafter.She can try her luck at Bollywood.Such attitude works best there.

  3. Nayanthara lover

    yeah..true bollywood will be better for her…..i heard in Mumbai these women even go to drink in Pubs….I think she is bringing that kind of culture…but girls getting drunk doesnt seem that good an idea to me…..atleast my lovely Nayanthara doesnt do things like this…

  4. Chandra..

    Don’t worry Kajal.. it’s all part of life.., As usual dialogue fail on first love will be allways good. Still i am waiting…

  5. Smile

    Drink in pubsa?Mothama pubsa evalunga kuthagaiku eduthalum achiriyapadrathukiley.Girls drinking is bad…not suitable for our culture.But these days it’s common.
    Come again….ur Nayanthara doesn’t drink…fine.But she broke a home.That is even more sinful than drinking.Atleast when you drink,only you are affected.But what Nayan did has affected a woman and 2 little kids.That’s not fair.Don’t say it’s love.This is not love.True love should not desire what belongs to someone else.

  6. Nayanthara lover

    But then Prabhu is even more to blame….accept it Nayan is beautiful…and anyone will fall for someone like her…….but Prabhu should have kept his feeling intact …he was the one to say No I’ve got a family…and stuff but then Prabhu was more happy with Nayan that proves she is also beautiful from the inside not just all masala….you see in movies…Why shudnt true love desire what belongs to someone else…tell me …dint you not desire that candy held in your friend’s hand when you were a kid..tht too was love…but then you were a kid and things were different at those times…it’s human to feel good about someone the more you trap it, the worse it gets…just because these people are in the limelight…people want to make a big issue about it …

  7. vinay

    u r not living with both of them to knw if prabhu n nayan r both happy 2gether or not.~ for him to walk out of his family aftr 3 kids…he can walk out of nayan anytime anywher…it wont take him 2 seconds to do it….plus, we dont care if he was happy or wasnt happy wit his wife…but a woman who knows he has a family n kids behind him..she shud hav d decency to walk away herself…she shud hv d decency to poke sense into an old man n tell him dat he has a wife n kids…whether he is happy wit his wife or not its his problem… he shud hav made it clear wit his wife dat tings aint working n end it FIRST, den make a public appearance or start his flirting shits wit nayan after ending everythin wit his wife… TWO TIMING jus proves what a low life crap he is and she is……but his stupidity, made d whole world wide know bout his r’ship n family probs… n oni brought shame to his family…esp his kids…. imagine wt d kids wud tink of him…..if he was truly a father, he wud hav put his kids as his 1st priority than his love life! if he wantd 2 divorce wit his wife, he shud hav deal wit his wife b4 comin public bout nayan, not jus walk out of his family like that….. in conclusion, nayan n prabhu will never last, or even if they do dey can never b happy bcos guilty conscious can kill a man!

  8. Smile

    Yes.I agree.Prabhu deva is to be blamed equally.He should have avoided her.Prabhu devaku kalyanam agi,3 pillainga erunthu,athule onnu cancer vanthu pavam sethupochu.Ethu oorukey therinja vishayam.Nayan ku thaniya vera sonna than theriyumo?Just bec a person is beautiful and good at heart thappu serinu agiduma?Even if Prabhu proposed to her,Nayan ku arivu enga pochu?A decent girl would have refused though she had feelings for him.No love is greater than a family.If all girls think it’s perfectly alright to love a family man,what would become of the world?You are asking what is wrong if true love desires for what belongs to someone else???Everything is wrong!Having feelings for the person is not wrong but you should also be aware of what you are doing…the consequences that follow.Ethuvume yosikama yarapathiyum nenaikama thanaku pudichatha mattum senja that person is selfish.Don’t compare love with candies.Even if you desire a candy that someone is holding,tell it to ur parents.They will get you a better candy.Don’t have to snatch what is in the other child’s hand.

  9. Nayanthara lover

    Oh yeah actually I was at school and there were no parents around me so I did exactly as every other normal kid would do…snatch the other one’s candy……have feeling for sumone….but dont show…what kind of thinking is that….matbe you too are afraid what SOCIETY thinks……I won’t buy that….you need to  say what you feel….life’s a waste if you don’t do so….cause then you are playing it safe…just that things dont change..thts the problem…people cant accept change…

  10. Smile

    @Nayan lover.Ok.Your Nayan has done a very noble deed.So regardless of who is happy,sad,like it or not,we should fulfill our desires.Beg,borrow,steal or buy….who cares??? It’s your life.You have every right to live it.Damn the world,society,people,family,friends.It’s just you,you and you all the way.Come what may,just think of yourself and do as you please.Snatching others spouses,wrecking homes and hearts should be legalised.And by doing so,we have adapted to changes.Well done!Pls follow ur ideologies faithfully.So tomorrow if you happen to like a girl who belongs to someone,kill that guy and get the girl.

  11. Nayanthara lover

    You got it wrong….I meant to say…that nobody snatched anybody’s wife….everything was mutual why is it hard for people to understand that….tastes may change…after a while…why not go with nature’s flow rather than walk the old road…there is nothing wrong in walking the old road…but then thts ur choice…you decide….marrying twice does happen….it’s the truth …its called incompatibility…why do you fail to see….how happy Nayan and Prabhu are just check out those photos….why is it hard to see two peopl who are happy…there are so many already saying that the two will break up and stuff….thats so stupid or maybe they are jealous…like Vinay above….if thats the the road to hapiness why do you turn blind….just because they are doing it how it wasnt done in the society till now….u cant accept it..against the NORMS right?….and tomorrow if i like a girl who belongs to someone else I wont kill that guy…….casue in the first place I’m not that dumb….and anyway if does happen that way and I come to know…it will be over between us two…you cant start comparing things ..u need to see if its worth it first …every individual is different and if Prabhu was fine with a second fling….doesnt mean I’ll do the same…situation counts…and so doese the individual..and the relationship….

  12. Smile

    @Nayan lover.Just bec we don’t approve of Nayan-Prabhu love,it does not mean we are jealous.We are just not able to digest the fact that a lady and 2 kids have been betrayed.If Prabhu was already divorced before Nayans entry,no one would have bothered.But now,we are not able to accept that betrayal or like you said,adapt to changes.Some people like me,prefer to take the old road.Not everyone has to see things from your perspective na?You support Nayans deed and I don’t.That’s it.We can argue till the cows come home but it’s pointless.Who are they to us?Just celebrities who entertain us.Why must we crack our heads over them?Leave it.

  13. Nayanthara lover

    “.Not everyone has to see things from your perspective na?”………….totally agreed..it’s just that i expressed my part of the story and you did yours……good that you took things right…so let’s just SMILE…to that…

  14. .

    why the eff is nayanthara included in this? everything you guys do has to do with male dominance, even the girls….just stop gosipping and go get a life.

  15. xxxx

    if they both really loved each other then they should get married. and i would like to say that kajol should give up her career for her life(prabhas). instead of being depresed.an prabhas should comeback for her. hope u two to be happy. sry if it hurts any1.

  16. Audra

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  17. Aaisha

    what is this love ?Actually i am confused between love,thirst and attraction.Can here anybody tell me what is love?

  18. priya

    its all rumours prabhas garu and krishnam raju garu will inform you when is his marriage, who is his wife and all when his marriage is fixed.they are from a very good family and do not do rubbish things.
    prabhas annaiyya love you very much. even though i am a malayali i used to see your films in telugu itself.nuvvante naku chala chala ishtam.i know telugu only a very little bit from the films i saw of yours. i started to learn telugu.kajal i indeed a good pair of him and all the movies they acted together are block busters but that doesnt mean they are in love.but they may be good freinds.prabhas annaiyya mee character chala manchi character.i know it very well . i had seen all your movies from eeshwar to bahubali .waiting for bahubali conclusion meere naa role model annaiyya

    1. jayasree

      Pria you have done a great job U learned a lot of telugu. Congratulations . I thing u have lived in A.P. Otherwise u are really a fan of Darling. Happy to know that. What a wonderful man he is.

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