Kajal Agarwals topless pose irks Suriya

kajal fhm magazine topless pose

Actress Kajal Agarwal and controversy go hand-in-hand. The actress got into big trouble a few months back by uttering unsavoury remarks at a Mumbai event when she said that she ‘didn’t want to be considered as a South Indian actresss and that she never liked that tag. Kajal has so far acted in just two Hindi films with ‘Singham’ opposite Ajay Devgn being her latest.

Her remarks met with stinging reaction from the Tamil and Telugu film industries where she had handful of projects. Finding no other option, she had to ‘withdraw’ her remarks and said that she never said what was reported to have been uttered by her. K.V. Anand, who signed up as Suriya’s heroine in ‘Maatraan’, too supported Kajal’s cause saying she deserved a chance.

It’s in this backdrop that Kajal has gotten herself into a fresh controversy by posing semi-nude with no ‘tops’ for the cover of the latest issue of FHM, a leading fashion magazine. Kajal, who has folded her hands to cover her ‘modesty’, strikes a voluptuous pose clad just in a pair of jeans and nothing else. This has raised some harsh criticism against her.

Bollywood magazines were quick to ridicule her saying that she posed in such a manner only to garner more Bollywood assignments. Kajal however has denied the allegations by saying her fabricated topless picture was published on the cover, thereby tarnishing her image.

Suriya, her co-star in ‘Maatraan’, isn’t amused single bit and is said to be in a rage after hearing about this. Both Suriya and Anand are apprehensive that Kajal’s ‘topless’ pose might go against her and could ultimately disrupt the box-office prospects of their film in the making!


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  1. HT

    How could FHM fabricate a semi nude famous actress on its cover  and attract a risk of multi million law suit.
    Kajal if FHM  had really fabricated your  topless photo , I dare you to file a multi million lawsuit  on FHM publication for defamation. 

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