Kajal Agarwal’s exorbitant demands upset producers

Kajal Agarwal's exorbitant demands upset producers

The cute actress Kajal Agarwal who had acted in Karthi’s ‘Naan Mahaan Alla’ may well be the heart-throb for the audiences but producers are having a tough time trying to put up with her exorbitant demands.

Atleast, that is the talk in the industry. Sources reveal that the actress insists that her mother should be with her wherever she goes and this includes her business class ticket and all the other luxuries.

It is also heard that Kajal wants a Mercedes Benz at her disposal whenever she wants and also the condition that no outdoor shoot can stretch beyond 10 days since she has to get back to her dogs at her home.Besides Kajal also has done shopping heavily at the expense of the producer when she had recently gone to Bangkok to shoot for a Telugu film.

The final nail on the producer’s head is when she charges a whopping Rs 1 crore as her fees.  Now the producers are planning to file a complaint about her in Nadigar Sangam, according to sources.



  1. Anonymous

    yaa…All top heroines r doing this only…they should keep in mind their popularity is not a permanent one

  2. That is ok

    <span>what is wrong in that? when the producer is willing to pay lot more to the heroes why cant they spend this to the heroines? anyway….these allegations could not be trusted too……lets see if this goes to nadigar sangam…</span>

  3. Dinesh

    tell her to fuck off and find new heroin there are lost off new people are there .she is not that great so insted of complainting her like a child better throw her out of field

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