Kajal’s sister Nisha dreams to dine with Salman Khan

Nisha Agarwal in Ishtam

Nisha Aggarwal, the younger sibling of actress Kajal Aggarwal, is all set to make her debut in Tamil films in the near future. She has been cast as the female lead in an upcoming film titled Ishtam which has Vimal playing the male lead. Nisha, who almost looks like a photocopy of her elder sister, does flaunt an hourglass figure like her sister and smiles and talks in the same manner.

Born and brought up in Mumbai, Nisha is obviously a great fan of Salman Khan, one of the Bollywood’s triumvirate of ‘King’ Khans (Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan being the other two). Easily the most eligible bachelor in the country, the still-stunning looking Salman has a huge fan base among young girls and women. Nisha appears no exception to this and is always heard murmuring one of his songs during the breaks in shoot.

“I would love to do all kinds of roles in films. I want to be known as an actress who is capable of taking on any role and do full justice to it. As such, I don’t sure have any ‘dream role’ in mind for me. Based on their performance and screen-presence, I love Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, Sridevi and Madhuri Dixit; they’ve been simply world-class.

“In Kollywood, I’ve been stumped by Suriya’s acting and commitment. My lifetime ambition, however, is to have dinner one day with my most-favourite hero Salman Khan. I’m not sure whether this would be realized in future,” concludes Nisha.

You’ll have to wait at least till Salman gets discharged from the hospital, Nisha!


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