Kadhal Heroine and Sakkarakatti Hero – Whats Cooking Up

Kollywood grapevine chirps the star of ‘Sakkarakatti’ and the girl who debuted with ‘Kaadhal’ are dating for awhile.

Despite the advice of his auteur father, the young lad is determined not to withdraw from the budding relationship.

After the mobile bills soared sky high, his family members hid his phone but the couple gifted each other latest cell phones in the market to continue their talks till the wee hours of morning.

Meanwhile, commenting on her relationship with the young hero, heroine said that “It’s nothing but friendship between us. We’re not in love with each other and as such, we don’t bother about the rumours that are floating around us linking us together!”



  1. thalaium thalapathium onnu vikram surya vaaila mannu......

    i love bhagyaraj’s movies very much……………………….

  2. Intrest Intrest

    kaadal padatula ortana kirukana akunadu podadunu nijatula try panadama …dey paiya ushara iruda ……..

  3. advisor

    deiiii saanthu unaku vera aalea kedaikalaiya… komattitu varuthu, atta figure da sandhiya… kulla kathirika… evaloda senthu un name keduthukatha…

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