Jyothirmayi seeks divorce from husband Nishanth

jyothirmayi divorce

Sensuous hot face Jyothirmayi is the latest to enter the court seeking divorce from an unsuccessful marriage.The actress has filed for divorce from her husband of eight years, Nishanth an IT engineer .

The actress raised eyebrows with her masala dance number Chingamaasam Vannuchernnal with Mollywood star actor Dileep in Meesa Madhavan,  setting her career graph soaring with her performance.  Now we hear that the real cause of this breakdown in the relationship has been her raunchy act with Jeevan in the movie Naan Avanillai.She was last seen in Tamil movies like Arai Enn 305-il Kadavul and Vedigundu Murugesan a couple of years back and she had some good masala numbers under her belt till then.

Post 2008 she hit a dry patch with not many notable projects coming her way.She was also  going through rough times with her partner Nishanth, working in Gulf.The tension only made situations worsen further and now the couple has filed a divorce at the Ernakulam family court this March 23rd. In a heated argument some time back Jyothirmayi asserted that she wants to do sign up more movies which was  not favored by childhood friend and husband Nishanth leading to the sad state of affairs.

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  1. Theriyadhavan

    Good decision Jyothiymayi, i lik d way u guys thinking now a days. No more “Kallanalu kannavan, Pullanalu Purushan”. I really appreciate & respect u r decision. Either its men or women if u guys dont need each others love anymore den obviously both needs to be separated. Wit out love & caring forcefully living together for a soceity will b not a good decision. Once Love & caring gets exhausted obviously no point of living together.

  2. Aravind

    Good decision….i appreciate u very much Jyothir…….not for divorce……its for not having kids……..atleast some innocent mind escaped from the trauma of divorce…..

  3. OB1

    cine world is a temporary gala..its very competetive and so many new faces are appearing everyday. What is the chance for her to last? Even beautiful Tamanah is facing problem.

    The actresses can only last unless they are really good actress.

    This woman is wasting her life by divorcing for the sake of cine world. Once her time is over in cineworld, she is going to end up alone without love, family and children but only with  alot of money !

    What a senseless woman! Forgoing true love to imaginary world!

  4. a human

    I guess its descent enough to leave their personal here. Dont jump in and try to keep things updated. for couples who r going thru times before during and after divorce is traumatic. Lets not make fun out of it.

  5. Vasin

    Hiyo OB1,

    Future Safety thaan vaalkaya? Ethuku ipdi bayanthanggolliya irkeenga? Athanala than naang British kitteyum Muslims kitteyum adi vaanginom. Buthi varleya innum? As a community we are cowards. Hinduism and Indian culture made us cowards. Ippa than brave youngsters future’a varrapa paarthukuvomnu nenekre youngsters vanthukitrikanga; Apdithaan intha girl so support her. Summa old style advice panni arukatheenga.

  6. Theriyadhavan

    Der is always solution for a problem! Dont think of a future. Think of a present situation. Even if u die 2 day, 2 morrow never dies for the world. Enjoy wit u loved/liked ones. It doesn’t matter how many loved/liked ones. Until u feel u r satisfied keep on changing the partner once u realised she /he s my perfect partner den can settle down with dem. Till den nothing wrong  in trails.

  7. OB1

    Saari , ithu ok ella ne, husband vithute poora.  Next she will meet some one, that also not ok na , next one …ippadiya poratha.

    Let me tell you guys there is NO such thing as perfect partner. In every marriage /relationship there is a fault. How we adjust our life and live is the art of living. We have to compromise to each others likes and dislikes and live a life. Athu thaan valkai.

    Theriyadhavan  : If you dont learn to compromise you will NEVER EVER find  a satisfied partner. because in gods creation there is no such thing as perfection. Ungga formula pavicha oruthanuku orithi ne sincerity will be lost 4ever in this world. Dont forget our Indian culture.

    Thats the problem with youngster now they are so influenced by the western way of living and dressing and they forget their culture. Men without culture are cannibals

    Yepidiyum valala illa ipidi thaan valunum  . You owe yourself moral obligations and value.

  8. OB1

    If she is leaving her husband because she cant get along with each other or she had fallen in love with someone else , its fine to get a divorce.

    But she is throwing her life for a cinema life which has got no permanent guarantee. Its all open to see for everyone , that cine world is something only few who survive especially the actressess.

    Its nothing you know, 90% of actresses’ who get married end up in divorce because they cannot live away from the glamour and glittering of cine world. They simply CANNOT settle down  a normal life anymore.
    Then why this people bother to get married  anyway.

  9. Vasin

    Anne &OB1 engaliya wuturunga! Illa eathavathu courageous’a puthusa, inspiring’a sollunga. Neenga solrathellam enga appa amma solrathu. Pada boru!

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