Junior Vijayakanths rash driving terrifies locals at Saligramam

Junior Vijayakanths rash driving terrifies locals at Saligramam

The news is all about rash driving of Junior Vijayakanth who is still in his teens.

Prabhakaran, the eldest son of ‘Captain’ Vijayakanth, has reportedly been scaring the wits of the locals at Saligramam, where the actor-turned-politician has a sprawling residence.

The way Prabhakaran, still in his teens, drives his car has made the locals identify his car easily by the noise it makes and above all the sound of music which emanates from the speeding vehicle.

The speed at which Prabhakaran drives his car in the thickly populated Saligramam has stunned the locals, who reportedly gheraoed his car recently and the locals at Saligramam demanding that he better drive the vehicle normally. Despite the protest by the locals, the ‘Junior’ Captain doesn’t seem to bother much, if an incident which took place in Vandalur last week is any yardstick to go by.

When Prabhakaran reportedly maintained the same terrific speed at Vandalur, his car clashed against a van and continued to be on the move. The locals, however, managed to block his route and bring the car to a halt. The gang of youths were about to ‘rough up’ the driver of the car when they realized that the burly young man was in fact the eldest son of Vijayakanth.

Local volunteers from Vijaykanth’s political outfit, the DMDK, rushed to the spot and saved Prabhakaran from the hands of the locals, explaining to them that he was only a teenager and that such an incident won’t recur again.

Last heard, Prabhakaran still doesn’t appear to have changed his ways!



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