Jiiva to star in Jananathan’s next film?


It’s not confirmed as yet but it is widely rumoured in Kollywood circles that actor Jiiva might soon be working with award-winning director Jananathan. The director, who has made meaningful films like ‘Iyarkai’ and ‘Eee’, might cast Jiiva again in his next film which is expected to be a period-type drama, it is said.

Jiiva has been having a rocking time at the box-office. He has had back-to-back hits in the past three months with ‘Singampuli’ and the much-appreciated ‘Ko’. It appears that immediately after wrapping up ‘Ee’ some years back, Jiiva and Jananathan were to work together for another film but things couldn’t work out as both of them got busy with their successive projects.

During a chance meeting with the bearded Jananathan recently, Jiiva is said to have broached the topic of them working together again. Though nothing has been finalized as yet, sources close to the actor say that if he is to work under Jananathan again, it would most probably be for a period-type flick which has been in the director’s mind for some time now.

The intellectual director says that “When the rest of the world was living in Dark Age, we in India had highly accomplished scientists, academicians, doctors and astronomers. Our architectural and engineering excellence has a few matches across the globe. I would surely love to bring this point to the forefront in my next film.”


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