Simbu Jiiva cat fight continues

Jiiva-Simbu cat fight continues

Simbu Jiiva cat fight continues

The cat-fight between actors Jiiva and Simbu appears to be continuing unabated. It all started when Simbu opted out of director K.V. Anand’s Ko last year due to some ‘difference of opinion’ with the latter. Jiiva replaced Simbu at the eleventh hour. The film, which also witnessed the debuting of Karthika (daughter of yesteryear actress Radha) as heroine in Tamil films, released early this year and went on to become a super-duper hit.

Trouble started with the success of the film. Simbu couldn’t digest the film’s stupendous success and attacked Jiiva in a veiled manner as if to convey that the success was almost ‘given’ by him as he had opted out of the film and Jiiva was only the second choice to play the role in the film. On his part, Jiiva too was countering Simbu with diatribes; the verbal duel between them had been feeding the regional press with plenty to write about.

At the recent launch of his upcoming film Mugamoodi, Jiiva found another occasion to take Simbu to task. The film, directed by Mysskin and pairing popular model Pooja Hegde opposite Jiiva, is said to be a ‘fantasy’ film with Jiiva playing a ‘larger-than-life’ kind of character for the first time in his career. Mysskin said he was happy to have Jiiva on board and said he’d complete it in record time if Jiiva agreed to shoot non-stop for 90 days.

When his turn to speak came, Jiiva said he was even ready to shoot non-stop for 120 days if the director so desired. Speaking casually, Jiiva said “Mysskin Sir had offered me to play the cop’s role in his highly successful Anjathaey a couple of years back. That time I didn’t even have a proper moustache; how could I have done justice to the role without anything resembling a moustache? Therefore, I refused the film!”

Those in the know could recognize immediately that Jiiva was taking a dig at Simbu who has played a cop in his latest film Osthi which hit the screens last week. Incidentally, Simbu appears clean-shaven in the film without a moustache!


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