Jeeva refuses signing memorandum against Lankan President


Actor Jiiva is obviously on a high following the successive of his latest venture ‘Ko’. The actor, though, has been promoting the film by touring all the major cities in Tamil Nadu and visiting the theatres screening the film. One such trip brought him to Salem and its surrounding areas. Jiiva’s first stop was at the ARR complex where ‘Ko’ was running to packed houses.

Speaking to his fans, Jiiva said that he was thrilled at the response ‘Ko’ has received all over the State and elsewhere and thanked the fans for their continued patronage of the film, which was into its third week. “I would never forget the Tamil audience in my life as it’s they who have made me who I am today,” said Jiiva.

Some over-enthusiastic journalists and Tamil activists used the opportunity to meet Jiiva by asking him to affix his signature in a memorandum which would carry the signatures of more than two crore Tamilians the world over and would urge the world community, represented by the United Nations, to treat Lankan president Mahinda Rajapakse as a ‘war criminal’ and book him for trial at the International Court of Justice at The Hague.

Jiiva is said to have told them to come to his hotel and take his signature and left the venue. The Tamil activists, who reached the hotel after an hour or so, sent the form for Jiiva to affix his signature through the bar-tender at the hotel. After a few minutes, Jiiva reportedly exited from the hotel, telling them that they can ‘collect the form’ from the Bar tender.

Much to their dismay, the Tamil activists found that Jiiva had ‘missed’ signing the memorandum!


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