Jeeva leaves Simbu behind

Jeeva leaves Simbu behind

Jeeva’s KO is proving to be the biggest blockbuster hit this year. The movie has had a strong run and is sailing smoothly to its centenary completion, but looks like someone else is disturbed by the way things have turned up. There is news that young man Simbu is tired of hearing of all the fresh and fruitful projects landing in Jeeva’s court.


The fact that Jeeva has signed up for the Gautham Menon – AR Rahman flick, then the  Shankar directed Nanban and another Mysskin flick which will present the hero in none less than a superhero avatar has irked Simbu. The reported Gautham Menon flick will be produced by RS Infotainment who apparently did produce KO too, but the producers at RS were surprised to receive a call from Simbu recently, who asked them to assign the role to him instead of Jiiva. Simbu claimed that Gautham Menon had approached him first and the place was rightfully his only if Gautham wouldn’t have chosen Jiiva in the eleventh hour. But sadly the decision of the producers remains unchanged as of now.

Now we wonder how the Osthi top cop gets ‘super human’ Jiiva under his control.




    what r u people talkin here all shit bout simbu go and join his facebook fan page then u know the reason of his thimuru u all people should know thr is one gang od simbu followers encouraging his acts and tweeting him for the shit he does so he is now with full attitude so go stop those ardent followers of this dog then write comments here simply sayin simbu is waste and at other side supporting his act wont solve the issue of simbu he is dog thatts the fact he needs to bitchslapped

  2. sham

    simbu oru headweight person n he thinks as if he knows all d thing in the industry,he is acting like a super star n 2 b frank he is a poramapudichavan.he will never achive the heights of jiva……..

  3. [email protected]

    jeeva oru nala actor…simbu oru thimuru pidicha polaikatheriatha kena..avana aavane avan vaayala kevala paduthikiran..jeeva oru nala person..avaroda interviewsa pathale atha therinjikalam…simbu voda thimuru thanathanyum avanoda interviewla therinjikalam…simbu pls learn how to behave from jeeva…all the best jiiva

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