Jeeva feels dispirited with Nanban teams attitude

Jeeva feels dispirited working during Nanban shooting Still

It’s been a good ride so far for the Nanban crew being headed by directed Shankar , but it seems that there have been some unwanted developments at the sets which will leave some dirty scars forever. One of our sources at the sets reports that actor Jeeva has been really glum over the incident. On further inquiry we came to know that it was the Rowthiram audio launch event that was linked to his dispirited mood.

Jeeva had a wonderful audio launch for his upcoming movie Rowthiram on 18th July 2011.

Click here for Rowthiram Audio Launch Stills

This was between the shoots while working for Director Shankar’s Nanban. The actor’s presence at the audio launch event was inevitable but since both Nanban and Rowthiram are being produced by Gemini Labs they invited everyone from the Nanban sets to the audio launch event too. Even though Shankar, Vijay and Ileana nodded their heads in unison to the invitation they failed to reach the venue on the event day.

The indifferent attitude displayed by the Nanban crew has not gone well with Jeeva for obvious reasons.




  1. Praveen

    Rowthiram is being produced by Jeeva’s Father R.B Choudary and not by Gemini film. shankar has the responsibility of finishing the film as soon as possible to make it ready for christmas eve. So he had some discussion with his technical crew regarding the development of the film because Nanban is the remake of 3 Idiots so shankar is keen on finding the areas of improvising the content without changing the core of the subject, and Vijay is doing dubbing work for t=his upcoming film velayutham which tentatively slated for release on 2nd of september or last week of august so they are very carefully that their work doesn’t gets affected and that’s the reason they have it attended the function. So please don’t cook as you like for silly publicity. And friends please dont comment about anyone without the actual reason of the incident

  2. Vasin

    Ah Lungi…. Toilet ku kuda layakillatha kaatumiraandi dress; ithni peru munnadi potukittu nikkaran; scene requirement a irntha kuda disgusting.

  3. kh

    i agree but we dun knw for what reason they didnt attend. kollytalk should be careful in what they write. The indifferent attitude displayed by the Nanban crew has not gone well with Jeeva for obvious reasons. this statement is stupid man. hw do you know they didnt get on well. 

  4. Jeeva_Veriyan

    Actually Jeeva is a bigger commercial star than Vijay. All Jeeva’s movies have been hits whereas Vijay’s movies have been flops. I am not sure why Shankar gave the prime role to Vijay in Nanban. It was magnanymous on the part of Jeeva to have accepted the movie bacause of Shakar.

  5. Renga

    Dai naaye….neethaan da kaattumirandi naaye…Lunki uduthunnevellam kaattumirandinna naaye…unga appan, sitthappane poi solluda naaye.

  6. Ram

    Thambi jeeva Veriyan,… Jeeva is a good actor , i agree … but VJ is a super star and a darling of masses….  All Jeeva movies hit ah? thambi nee ippa dhan padam paaka aarambichiya ?

  7. Meganathan

    I would love to watch nanban since Jeeva is on it. Bad that we need to tolerate useless Vijay also in this movie.

  8. Hari

    Jeeva , karthi and Dhanush are the next generation youngsters with so much of talent and good openings at box office. Good to have so much of talent in tamil Industry. One request for all of them. Please donot copy like Vijay . Be brave like Surya and do many distinct characters which will further raise the level of Tamil Cinema.

  9. Smile

    Actually i felt Surya would do more justice to Rancho(played by Amir in the original role than Vijay.Probably bec he is also short like Amir and has a great sense of humour.Not meant to offend Vijay fans….

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