Jeeva confused over 3 Rascals

Jeeva content with KO
Jeeva content with KO

Jeeva is known to keep close touch with his fans thanks to the internet. The actor is quite an avid internet user and is known to keep his fans buzzing with the latest news. Howsoever the actor has yet not provided any crispy tid bits about his latest offering ‘3 Rascals’ with director Shankar.

In fact he seemed more confused than the fans themselves as he revealed he has no idea what’s going on with the 3 Rascals project presently. Jeeva also told us that he is not sure if  Vijay has jumped out or is still on with the project.

Instead the actor expressed his contentment for the completion of his other flick KO. Well that surely didn’t satisfy all Jeeva and Vijay fans.

Jeeva has promised to come up with fresh updates on the 3 Rascals project. We will catch them for you as soon as possible.



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