Jeeva and Srikanth furious over Shankar and Vijay on being sidelined

Nanban Official Poster

Actors Jeeva and Srikanth, who are sharing screen space with Ilayathalapathy Vijay in the upcoming multi-starrer flick ‘Nanban’ are said to be furious over director Shankar and Vijay after the latter duo sidelined them from the publicity still of Nanban.

The official promotional poster of ‘Nanban’ which is a remake of Bollywood blockbuster 3-Idiots has been released recently. In the poster its mentioned that ‘Ilayathalapathy Vijay In’ and ‘Shankar’s Nanban’ along with the photos of the trio.

But, there was no mentioning of names of Jeeva and Srikanth in it. Irked by the fact that their name didn’t get mentioned in the poster, Jeeva and Srikanth seem to have expressed their displeasure to their close pals.

It’s learnt that Jeeva is the one who is very furious about this publicity matter than Srikanth.

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  1. PP

    Both Jeeva and Srikanth has commited the mistake by acting along with Vijay. No point in feeling now. Late realization…..

  2. Aravind

    Atleast Jeeva has the right to be furious bcas he acts very well in all of his movies and emotes well…but Srikanth have nothing to complaint…..

  3. 619

    hey etha poster poedrathuku munnati jeeva and srikanth kita kamichi erupanka its rumour publicity vera news kadakala poela

  4. Kandavel

    Vijay always uses other artists to further his own career. Good example is Sangavi who was exploited by him earlier in his career. Now, Jeeva and Srikanth are used by this cunning guy.

  5. bebo

    anyways ok performance edhukku indha vetti pandha for dese 3 ppl .. only d story is copied.. suthhi pottalum acting evankkagulu kashtam.. idhula feelings veraiya.. gonna watch all ur  serious acting as funny espressions .. 

  6. bebo

    amam jeeva never did out of box role..only in katrathu tamil jeeva did gud acting remaining movies E , SMS den aadu puli(yack horrible movie) all these movies he is just slum hero screams his dialogue wid local accent.. whihc he is very comfortable..idhu acting na appo acting dhan.. SMS was hit bcos of comedy only .. any hero can perform his role. after KO only we will know whether he is going to immitate again those local languages or not and whether he is trying diff genre or nt..  in this category vishal hope u rembr he is far better  than him
    appuram have to say about srikanth he his gud in acting u shud chck all his movies rite from roja kootam,parthiban kaanavu, with gopika one movie i dnt rembr it… after he got link with sneha and his present wife divorce prob, he lost fame and he is such a big mouth dint get oppourtunity to act at all.. his performance in drohi was not that bad.. so nthng wrong in curosity of srikanth ..
    do you think actor who gives commercial movies hit but dont know to act can complain instead if they may posses skills but dint have opp they shudnt complain or wt..
    vijay cant act at all.. his acting was very funny in this kavalan movie esp when the kid calls asin as amma .. luked like he is imitating navarasa nayagan karthik acting .. but he is getting in to tough time since he dint take any effort. even now he is trying to hit box office rather accpeting that he need to improve his performance other than dancing. 
    how many remakes will he make to bck in screen his upcoming movies all remake only… after that again all his movies will be like dat.. bcos all he cud do is take a hit movie and make it a ok movie and say still in market..  
    he knows he will fail again if he acts first for the script and so he is thinking he is making wise choice.. shame he can win ppl who watches only tamil movie and dnt know his cheap tricks..
    about this movie , only person who can remake is shankar but the heros all are more or less the same in their perforamcne and vijay scores in dance evn thugh it luks like excercise.. 
    definetly will watch his movie jsut for shankar’s screenplay and direction..but definelty not in theatre.. 

  7. Aravind

    Cool bebo…jeeva is a versatile actor……he had proved himself…..he has the natural ability to emote welll….the only problem is he needs good director……thats alll…….but srikanth had never attempted to act or may be he never had a chance……Vijay is not a talented actor…he is a entertainer…………though Kaavalan was a hit Vijay cant be banked for the success whole……always need to be directors actor rather than story based on hero….even Rajinikanth needs good director and strong story line for success……As for 3 idiots are concerned there should not be remakes bcas whtever may be the thing everybody relates it to the original…..a stalwart like Aamir Khan cant be matched in anyway..though Surya is much bettr choice Shankar had opted for Vijay due to sm problem with producers….Vijay need some action masala with good comedy track and very nice music……he is a very good entertainer like Sharuk……

  8. Naan

    Srikanth and Jeeva eppadi avanga role handle pannirupangannu therile…but guaranteed Vijay can nowhere come near to Amirkhan’s role. That role is supposed to be an intelligent Brilliant boy. Vijaykku suttu pottu illa theevechi koluthinalum athu varathu. Shankar’s choice of artist for this particular role is the poorest.

  9. Merv

    i second this “vijay cant act at all.. his acting was very funny in this kavalan movie esp when the kid calls asin as amma .. luked like he is imitating navarasa nayagan karthik acting ..”

  10. Siva

    Hello Jeeva has proved his acting in RAAM, which won award in International film festivals. He is far better than Vijay. For people who don’t know, Srikanth was first considered for THIRUDA THIRUDI, AAYITHA EZHUTHU and many other good movies which were blockbusters.The reason why he could not act in those were because of his continous accidents, He said this in JAYA TV and I think thats why Shankar selected him. So he also deserves it. But Vijay. Oh just immitating Mahesh babu acting. Jeeva has lived the character of prabakar in THAMIZH M A and Srikanth also liived a good character in APRIL MATHATHIL and ROOJA KOOTAM. But Vijay use to act like telugu or malayalam heroes. He does not know the meaning of acting. A 5th std child would act well in front of teached if he did not complete his home work. But this @$$ hole, always use to over do things, by jumping from flyover to flyover(kuruvi), Jumping into 500ft falls(Vettaikaran) etc etc..I think Shankar sir must just put Jeeva name and Srikanth and remove “Ilayathalapathi Vijay” tag from Nanban.

  11. koundamani

    avan avan kakoose vara maatenguthunu kasta pattutu irukan, ivangalukku poster la per varalainu varuthamam…. nonsense guys

  12. Ravi

    Vijay is such a loser. Why did they agree to act with him in the first place. One of the worst actor Tamil industry has ever produced is Vijay .

  13. Raghu

    Vijay and his father always act like kattapachayath amongst Cine Circles. Not sure if they threatened Shankar to cast Vijay in Three Idiots (stealing the character from other actors like Surya) . Possible.

  14. satheesh

    hello surya is the hero who tried to steal the oppurtunity frm vijay in 3 idiots remake.. not VIJAY.. go n read the news 1st and then spk..

  15. Veeru

    They said reasons like not able to pay the market price of Rs.15 Crores to Surya to leave Surya out of the movie. Pls check facts before posting comments here. Clearly SAC and Vijay did some politics to get Surya out of the 3 Idiots

  16. Indumathi

    Viajy and his father S.A.Chandrasekar are capable of cheating on others to climb up including rowdyism. Remember the way S.A.Chandrasekar led few thugs and attaacked the Kumudam office when they apparently criticised one of Vijay’s movies.

  17. ajith

    i am thala. this vijay is not good hero. he is mokai actor. jeeva and srikanth are better than this idiot vijay

  18. Naan

    nejjamma enna nadanthathunnu ulla alugalukku thaan theriyum. Yethuvaga irunthalum… Shankar, Vijaya vechi intha padam pannrathukku..bathil…intha padatha pannamale irunthirukkalam.

  19. san

    vijay begs to everyone like this……………..” anna indha paduthula romba kashtapattu nadichirukken ‘na ellarum marakama cinema theatrela ticket vangittu parrunga ‘na. unga vijay fans ku ethha madhiri naalu kuthu songukku dance fight ellem irruku ‘na ellerum vandhurunga ‘na”

  20. Diwakar

    It is clear that most educated people hate Vijay because he brings bad name to the quality of Tamil Movies. Also, because he is seen as a Christian Fanatic trying to convert everyone to Christianity. Also, because of the way his father cheats everyone including Vijay fans for the selfishness of his family growth. Vijay seems to be surviving and thriving because of his father money / muscle power and due to the support of Srilankan Tamils who think he supports them. In places like London , Srilankan Tamils block all other actors movies whenever Vijay’s movies are released so that maximum collections are achieved for Vijay’s movies. But sadly, Vijay is a supporter of Rahul and Sonia who supported Rajapaksa. Srilanksn Tamils should ralize this reality. Better to boycott this Vijay who is totally against Hindus and Tamils in all his actions (let us not get fooled by his character portrayals in Cinema to judge him).

  21. Yogaraja

    Very true, Srilankan Tamils should understand the truth about Vijay and discontinue their blind loyalty to Vijay and start apreciating quality movies and all Tamil actors who do good movies. I live in London and have always noticed that all other tamil films are not screened whenever Vijay’s movies are released here atleast for a week to ensure good collection for Vijay movies. So sad for Tamil Cinema. I too learnt that Vijay admires Sonia / Rahul who are close friends of Rajapakse.

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