Jayam Ravi enters Politics

Jayam Ravi

Now that swords are out for the ensuing Assembly elections in the State, Kollywood is getting increasingly split on party lines. While many stars, whose political affiliations are well-known, continue in the same mode, there are several others who didn’t blink an eye-lid in switching their allegiance to other political parties.

Actor Vijay is widely expected to lend his support to the AIADMK alliance, though nothing official has been said about this. In the meantime, reports say that actors and actresses like ‘Jayam’ Ravi, Bharath, Simran and Rohini, who have never shown any political affiliation so far, are making their political entry.

The above-mentioned actors and actresses are not going to campaign for the political parties but have only starred in a short Political film shot by the Election Commission intended to exhort the general public to come out and vote in huge numbers and not forget their ‘democratic duty’ of casting their votes.

The short-film is likely to be relayed at regular intervals on all regional television channels as well as in all the cinema-halls across the State.


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