Ileana to be Rajinis second heroine in Rana


As reported earlier, every other day some piece of info or news about superstar Rajini’s upcoming film ‘Rana’ hits the press. The latest info is that Telugu cinema’s leading heroine Ileana D’Cruz a.k.a. Ileana has been signed up to play the second heroine in the hi-profile film.

While Bollywood’s Deepika Padukone has already been confirmed to play the lead opposite one of the three ‘Rajini’s in the film, Vidya Balan and Rekha were in talks to play the other two roles. While veteran Rekha is said to have opted out of the film due to problems vis-à-vis the payment of fee, Vidya Balan is said to be slightly unhappy that she has not yet been shown the full script.

It is now reported that Ileana, the ‘picture-perfect’ reigning queen of Tollywood, would be playing the role of the second heroine opposite Rajni. After more than three decades, Rajini would be seen playing a triple role in a film. K.S. Ravikumar, the director with the Midas’ Touch, is finalizing the script in a hurry.

Hema Malini, the yesteryear dream girl of Bollywood, is said to be in talks to play the third heroine in the film, sources say. The Tamil-speaking Hema has already starred alongside Rajni in his debut Hindi film ‘Andhaa Kaanoon’ as his elder sister. Meanwhile, Rajini and Ravikumar might be leaving for England in the first week of England to finalize Rajini’s looks in the film as well as the shooting spots.



  1. gal

    pls stop posting news abt Rana on a daily basis.. are the info accurate or just posted for the sake of it? i read in this same website tat vidya balan agreed to act in Rana without hearing the full script bcos she badly wanted to act with rajini and now this news.. initially it was interesting to read news abt rajini’s next film.. but it’s becoming kind of bore!! same fake news every other day.. cant we jus wait for the official announcement?

  2. chk

    indhaa paarudaa loossaada nee, oru projectnaa hundred disturbance  varum.. adhukkunnu..ellam moneynnu varum podhu dhaan unmai situation maaarum.. avanga vellaiyaa parkavudu.. they atleast try keep updating us…. also their is no smoke without fire..

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