Ileana paid Rs 30 lakhs for an Item number

Ileana surely looks delighted after the deal
Ileana surely looks delighted after the deal

Seeems Ileana, the leading actress in telugu cinemas has been paid Rs 30 Laks for her item song in the just released Kannada flick Huduga Hudgi directed by Indrajit Lankesh. But it was the worth the spend, says Sandhesh Nagaraj the producer of the film, Ileana though appears for a song in the movie  has been able to pull the crowd to the theatre.

Interesting the song was just shot in just 3 days,which when calculated brings the amount to a staggering 10 lakhs per day, a definitive high for any profession. No wonder,  why such a inequality in the country.

The Kedi actress had also made news last week when she met directeor Shankar and grabbed a whopping deal of Rs 1.50 crore to perform in the remake of 3 Idiots(3 rascals) in tamil and telugu version.



  1. nutty !!!!

    30lakhs for not to act in the item song alone……but FOR BEING AN ITEM FOR THE 3DAYS  TO THE DIRECTOR AND PRODUCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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