Ileana getting too costly for her own comfort

Ileana costly affair

Tollywood’s reigning queen Ileana is said to be having a rough time at the box-office. The actress’s last two films haven’t done that well at the box office and as if that’s not enough to give her goose-bumps before the release of her upcoming films, the actress is earning a reputation of becoming too ‘expensive’ for her producers.

The Goan girl, who breached the Re.1 crore barrier per film as her fees some time back, is presently starring in the Tamil film ‘Nanban’ directed by Shankar. The film marks her comeback in Tamil films where she debuted in ‘Kedi’ opposite Ravikrishna years ago and then disappeared from Kollywood. She pairs up opposite Vijay in ‘Nanban’, the Tamil remake of Bollywood’s ‘3 Idiots’.

Though unconfirmed, trade circles are abuzz with the news that Shankar paid as much as Rs.1.5 crores to get Ileana to star in the film opposite Vijay. Reports say Ileana comes to she shooting spot not alone but with as many as six of her friends/relatives. Obviously, the producer has to bear the expenses towards traveling, accommodation and food in respect of all those 6 persons besides Ileana.

They don’t stay at ordinary hotels but prefer only five-star hotels. Ileana informs the producer(s) in advance to book three rooms for them. The cost of hosting her gang is indeed not going down well with the producers who might soon take up the issue at an appropriate forum.



  1. Smile

    Edhukitte appadi enna erukunu ellarum thalai therika odranga??If the news is true,then its so unprofessional of her to behave such.Yaarum paakadha varaikum muniyamma range-le erupalunga.Paka arambicha odane Ms.World alavuku scene poda vendiyadhu.It’s wrong to make use of people for one’s selfish needs….

  2. முனியாண்டி

    இந்த பல்லிக்கு இது ரொம்ப அதிகம்

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