Ilayathalapathy Vijay Out of 3 Idiots remake?

Vijay walked out of 3 Idiots remake
Vijay walked out of 3 Idiots remake

Vijay may not be part of director Shankar’s 3 Idiots remake.

Well everything was going smooth with the much speculated movie until recently as rumors are afloat as we have come to hear that Vijay is not likely to do the lead role.

The casting was the only big issue when the project was planned and when almost all were done and the shooting was to begin on Monday a bombshell is dropped – Ilaiyathalapathy Vijay himself might be out of the mega project!

Reportedly Vijay had some problems with the attire he is supposed to wear in the movie. Moreover we even heard Shankar has a suggestion for a funky hairstyle and Vijay has denied that too as he can’t afford to mess with the already ongoing shoot of Velayudham.

However, a source close to the actor told that the actor may not do the film because he’ll soon float a political party. “An announcement regarding this is expected soon,” informed the source.

We have to wait and see if Shankar will decide to postpone the shooting schedule until Vijay’s shooting for Velayudham gets over which seems quite unlikely for the moment as the shooting scheduled has already been delayed.

Although Gemini Film Circuit is yet to confirm the news who being the producer will be affected adversely as they are handling the Telugu release too for the movie which stars Mahesh Babu in the lead role.

Well Vijay surely seems headstrong for his preferences right now, let’s see how Shankar can pull this project all together, for the moment controversies don’t seem to end.



  1. Ha Ha

    Hia yaa…Hip Hurey…

    I am so happy…Great escape for Shankar….

    This Idiot Vijay would have spoilt the movie

  2. anonymous

    Vijay was single handedly making up for the 3-idiots in the movie. If he leaves they will change the movie title?



  4. dine

    seems vijay is so unlucky….. he is not choosing right scripts and director. And now he is missing the great oppurtunity to work in a great script and a talented director. bad luck. only God should save him

  5. varutha padum tamilan

    nalla vela….  Dog dar.Vijay ne nadicha thaanga maten, 4 varusam na thoonga maten.. nadichu paaru, saani alli poosiduven..

  6. valga

    hmmmmm….lucky for director shanker…after vijay step out from this movie, it would be very bright future for remake of 3 idiots

  7. mona



    leave him alone. i dont liek this..why so many ppl against him. everyone’s life is like a roller coster (theres ups and downs) appreciate what hes doing and show some support.

  9. usha

    in the climax of 3 idiots see aamir khan’s look!! who would suit the look?? only arya and surya!! no1 else!! pls go watch it in youtube!!
    but as surya is very busy with his other movies, arya, jeeva and jayam ravi would the perfect choice for 3 idiots.. all 3 are gd frens as well and so their chemistry on screen will be gd!!

  10. aravind

    hmmm vijay atleast turn now to good story and director…….if u have successfully completed this movie it would be a nice turning for u as VTV for simbu…u again show that u r very egoistic and never look for good stories……..remember kaduluku mariyathi was the movie which turned u r carer….but this idiot perarasu have spoiled u to make masala movies which r utter flop……..vettaikaran ran to some extent bcas of music and anushka…..  see sura is a mega flop in u r list…plz change u r mind and act according to the story demands…not for u r demand

  11. suriya fan

    namma nnan suriya than ithukku aptanathu……………………
    vijayala mudiyathu……………………………………….
    suriyavala mattum than mudiyum……………………….
    suriya rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  12. Pravin

    really vijay is a bad choice for the movie….very well surya alone can compensate the appearance and acting of our megastar amir… opt is sixer shankar….After hearing this only, amir may be relaxed too……..

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