Ilayaraja refuses to broker truce between Sona and SPB Charan

Ilayaraja on SPB Charan Sona issue

As a fall-out of actress Sona’s complaint of sexual assault against SPB Charan, news trickles in from Kollywood that ‘Maestro’ Ilayaraja, a close friend of the legendary singer S.P. Balasubramaniam (SPB), refused to broker a truce between the actress and the song of the legendary singer.

Sona alleged that producer-singer Charan attempted to outrage her modesty and started disrobing her at the Mankatha success bash arranged by Venkatprabhu and Premgi. She accused Charan of inviting her for ‘action’ and had reportedly submitted to the police a ‘video tape’ as evidence in the case.

Like a doting father, SPB met Sona at the hospital (where she’s taking rest after complaining of chest pain) and tried to compel her to withdraw the complaint against his son. Sona refused to heed the singer’s request. It was then that the singer spoke to ‘Maestro’, his close friend, to help him by talking to Sona in a bid to make her withdraw her complaint.

It seems that Ilayaraja, despite the deep bonding that he shares with SPB, said that he didn’t believe that he could make either Charan or Sona take back the case and the accusations. As such, the matter is pending before the Court and would remain so till it delivers a verdict in the case.



  1. Smile

    I don’t understand….Sona has already filed a FIR.Charan on the other hand,filed a defamation against her.Now let the police investigate and judge give the verdict.Police,court ellam edhukku erukku?SPB,as a father,did his best to solve this issue by asking Sona to compromise but she wants to proceed.That’s up to her.But it’s no where fair to bring in Illayaraja sir to mediate.If Charan did this,he has to apologise.This is getting messier than ever.I think no one should be brought in for peace talks.Both are adamant.Let them solve this amongst themselves….

  2. Smile

    My heart,brain is very much with me.Naan patty ellam illai…modern but I love my culture and follow my traditions faithfully…Kadavul bakthi jasthii…adhanala naan paatiya?Rascals…..

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