Ilayaraja is the inspiration for Sneha Prasannas love life

Ilayaraja is the inspiration for Sneha-Prasanna’s love life

Ilayaraja is the inspiration for Sneha Prasannas love life

 Smiling queen Sneha and her boyfriend Prasanna have already decided to take their relationship a step ahead. With both families agreeing happily, this wedding turns out to be a smooth ride for them. But just like any other relationship this one too had its own bumps and special moments.

Their mushy affair started during the shoots of Achchamundu Achchamundu. The young pair dint click off well initially, but things fell into place as the shoots progressed. Sharing his experience lover boy Prasanna tell us, “We started out together in the film Achchamundu Achchamundu. But I still remember we just used to stare at each other, when things had just begun. It was during the shoots in America that we started really interacting with each other.” He goes on to say, “We used to find time between the shoots, when the director called for a break. I used to have many Ilayaraja songs in my I-pod that I would plug into when I got such breaks. Later Sneha too joined me and things developed from there on. Ilayaraja is indeed the inspiration for us and those memories are indeed sweet.” The wedding preparations for their big day are in full swing, with a venue yet to be finalized. It is learnt that their marriage will take place mid-June, with an official announcement awaited soon.

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