Ilayaraja as hero

Myshkin says Ilaiyaraaja has an important role to play
Myshkin says Ilaiyaraaja has an important role to play

Nandalala is finally releasing after a long wait on November 26th and the movie has been on and off the news for different reasons. One such news that made headlines was Director Myshkin deciding to take up the role of the lead after many of whom he approached refuse to take up the role.

Now the director turned actor has disclosed that the movie is not just about him and the boy playing their parts but adding to the icing is the role played by none other than Ilayaraja.

We were totally puzzled and on further inquiry Myshkin confirmed that it was Ilaiyaraaja’s Music that he was referring to and not Ilaiyaraaja as hero . Infact the climax of the movie longing for 45 minutes has no dialogues at all and it is to be noted that Ilaiyaraaja has scored a symphony with 4 Hungarian Symphony specialists.

Even though we would have loved to see Ilaiyaraaja onscreen we will be much delighted to be mesmerized by his music alone.



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