I know my limits in exposing asserts Tamannah


Dazzling Tamannaah is quite sure of what she is doing and speaking about.  The lissome lass from Punjab has said that she knows her limits when it comes to ‘exposing’ and going glamorous for her character in films and that she would never do anything that might border on ‘obscenity’.

Not long ago, Tamannaah was the cynosure of all eyes and even today, her hourglass figure gives sleepless nights to Tamil youths.  Unfortunately, though she has already had a hit film in ‘Siruthai’ early this year, she doesn’t have a single Tamil film on hand other than Hari’s ‘Venghai’ opposite Dhanush which would be releasing shortly.

Tamannaah, however, remains busy as a bee in Telugu films and is pairing up opposite all the frontline heroes in Tollywood including the likes of Allu Arvind.  She plays a simple college girl in ‘Venghai’ and says that glamour is part and parcel of the film industry.  “I don’t differentiate between ‘looking glamourous’ and acting; in fact, looking glamorous and sexy is also part of the acting process.”

“While choosing a film, I go by the script and only if it appeals to me, I take up the role.  I have always indulged in limited ‘exposure’ and I feel there is a thin line between glamor and vulgar which shouldn’t be breached.  While I’d love to be ultra-glamorous in all my roles, I know my limits and know where to draw the line.”

“As far as Tamil films are concerned, I haven’t been getting the kind of roles that I’m expecting; I’m certainly not quitting or neglecting Tamil films.  As and when I get the appropriate role, I’d be back in Kollywood,” Tamannaah assures.


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