I’ve not yet called it quits from films, says Nayantara

Nayanthara in Sri Rama Rajyam

Though there are talks that Nayantara is going to settle in Singapore post marriage, she now has asserted that she hasn’t yet quit films. The actress, who is scheduled to marry Prabhudeva in a month or two, is widely expected to retire from films after her marriage to settle into matrimony. For the record, Nayantara is one of the most sought-after actresses in Tamil and Telugu and as and when she decides to do films, she would have produces and directors queueing up outside her residence to sign her up for their films.

The actress’ last film in Tamil was the highly enjoyable ‘Boss Engira Baskaran’ in which she starred opposite Aarya. She recently shot for the last days’ shoot of her upcoming Telugu film ‘Sri Raamarajyam’. It was widely reported by the Telugu press a week ago that Nayan bid ‘farewell’ to each and every member of the crew and the technicians after presenting them with a wrist-watch each as it was the ‘last day’s shooting of the last film in her career’.

Interestingly enough, Nayan had been steadfastly refusing any new Tamil film offers for the past few months, which gave rise to the speculation that she might quit films after her marriage to Prabhudeva. Setting the record straight, Nayan has said that “It was a fact that I broke down on the last day’s shooting of Sri Ramarajyam. It need not necessarily mean that I have quit films.

“Reports claiming that I have quit films are baseless. I cried on that day as I was so moved by the reaction of the co-stars and the crew members who poured flowers on me and bid me good-bye as we had worked as a team for a long time for the film. Factually speaking, all the four films I starred in the last year were super-duper hits in Tamil and Telugu. Why should I then think of quitting?” concludes Nayan.

Yeah, why should she be quitting films?



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