Hollywood comedian cracks a Rajinikanth joke

Hollywood comedian cracks a Rajinikanth joke

Stand up comedians are really big in the Hollywood nation unlike in India. There are even special events organized where the audience is entertained for a rioting one hour or so with their rib tickling jokes that are generally applauded to. (Sometimes the cable TV guy plays that fake clapping audio clip and many are often left confused and wondering -why on earth? Were so many hands rubbed together for such a lame one)

Anyway, back to our story…recently well known Hollywood comedian Rob Schneider  made a trip to India in order to promote the third edition of the Black Dog Comedy Evenings. He made a jiffy trip to all 5 major cities in Pune, Bengaluru, Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai entertaining those who came to see him with his playful comments. One of them is making headlines for just a Rajinikanth reason, as Rob joked, “People keep mistaking me for Rajinikanth. I’m not Rajnikanth people, get over it! He looks like me, I don’t look like him. Plus, it got cold here the other day, because Rajini opened his refrigerator.”

 Hwahaahah! Boy you totally robbed that one.


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