Harris Jayaraj behind the delay in release of Ko

KO Harris Jayaraj
KO Harris Jayaraj

There is a talk in Kollywood circles that contrary to the widely held perception that the release of the Jeeva-Karthika starrer ‘Ko’ (directed by cinematographer-cum-director K.V. Anand) is not getting delayed or held back due to the cricket world cup but because of the delay in addition of background music being done by music director Harris Jayaraj.

Harris, who has risen to the top three music directors’ list in Kollywood along with A.R. Rahman and Yuvan Shankar Raja, is reportedly demanding and getting Rs.2 crore as his fee per film. Despite churning out hits after hits in the past 2-3 years, Harris’ style of sending the songs ‘bit by bit’ doesn’t appear to have changed.

Harris, who doesn’t over-work himself as he commits himself to not more than 4-5 films per year and manages to dole out hit number with surprising frequency, remains the favourite of directors despite the delay in his work as most of the songs composed by him go on to become hits which considerably helps in the concerned film having a decent run at the box-office.

Reports add that the producer and director of ‘Ko’, who have high regards for Harris and music-composing abilities, have purposely ‘hidden’ the fact that the film’s release was getting delayed only because of the delay in adding background music and songs and have instead blamed the world cup for the delay of the most-awaited film in recent times.


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