Hansika:Prabhu Deva is like my elder brother


A few days, it was reported in these columns that actress Nayantara and choreographer-turned-filmmaker Prabhu Deva have called off their relationship which lasted more than three-and-a-half years. While many reasons are attributed for this break-up including Nayan’s opposition to Prabhu meeting his ‘family’ and Prabhu’s insistence on Nayan quitting films after marriage, there is also the ‘other woman’ theory floating.

Rumour mills are working overtime stating that Prabhu’s alleged proximity towards hottie Hansika during the making of his Engeyum Kaadhal last year turned out to be the ‘last straw’ which acted opposite him. It is said that Prabhu continued to meet and hang out with Hansika long after the shoot of Engeyum Kaadhal was over and the film hit the screens. The film had ‘Jayama’ Ravi opposite Hansika and did a pretty average business.

Hansika, though, has gone on record saying that she always considered Prabhu like her ‘elder brother’. It was Prabhu who introduced Hansika in Tamil films as heroine by casting her in the musical romantic story Engeyum Kaadhal. Unit members of the film said that it was when the shooting schedule of the film was held abroad that the director and the actress appeared to be ‘coming closer’ to each other.

Prabhu and Hansika appreciated their work and formed a mutual admiration club. The fact that they continued to meet and move around in public and that they used to speak to each other for hours together on cell phone irked Nayanthara to no end who decided that she’s had enough and went public with her announcement of dumping Prabhu. In order to marry Nayanthara, Prabhu Deva divorced Ramalat (his wife of 15 years) in 2011.

Hansika has said, “It feels painful to read about the rumours linking me and Prabhu. He is like my elder brother; isn’t it wrong to link brother and sister in a wrong way? I request my friends in the media not to spread such rumours. As far as my views are concerned, I don’t poke my nose into others’ personal problems. Therefore, I’m not responsible for the break-up of the relationship between Prabhu Deva and Nayanthara”


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