Hansika: I am not in love with Prabhu Deva

Nayanthara , Hansika and Prabhu Deva
Nayanthara , Hansika and Prabhu Deva

After her stint in Engeyum Kaadhal, it seems like Hansika Motwani has caught Prabhu Deva’s attention. Recently Nayanthara was aghast at Prabhu’s plan of meeting Hansika for dinner.

However Hansika has come forward to clarify her relationship with Prabhu Deva as,

“I have never experienced this kind of feelings in me. It makes me very sad to depart from the unit members. We become so close that we feel like a big family. Prabhudeva’s complement for my performance is the best that I ever received so far. Though, we were not born together in a family, he loves me like his younger sister. It tickles my heart. Thanks to the unit members and to my brother Prabhu Deva for giving such a wonderful time,” said an emotional Hansika..

‘People and media are trying to spread rumors about her association with Prabhu Deva. I am not in love with him. He is like a brother to me.”she added further.

We now are sure about Hansika’s status what about Prabhu Deva’s romeo role? Surprisingly he seems confused who he wants to marry.

Well even the Deva’s won’t spare him if he continues to dance this way. Good Luck Prabhu Deva.



  1. silly

    dei baadu iruka wife mothala kaapathu appuram 10 kalanam pannalam. iruka onne kiliyuthu ithula 2aa 3aaa nu confused. intha moonji ku ethini ponu theva?? karadi!

  2. silly

    seriously when i accidenly saw this article with that fame work lols i thought prabu or nayantharaku maala pootu pottu vechacha who died??? hahaha

  3. Vasin

    Shut Up. Kaapathu Kaapathu Kaapathu. Lath enna onnara maasa kolnthaya. Innum pursha pondatiya kaapathura kaalathleye irkeenga. 

  4. Vasin

    Since Prab has got into this relationship with Nayan people find fault with anything he does. Director’um Heroine’um onna dinner edutha thappa?

  5. sunnymeshines

    big brother tickles your heart eh ? U need to learn to choose ur words girl. Long way to go. U dont have to call everyone ure brother just becoz ur worried abt some stupid rumors.  And as for this person who wrote this article…”Dont think prabhu wud dance this way if he ever cared a shit abt wht his dad thought ” And ofcourse he wud be confused, what with all the females courting him and being on news 24/7, who wud’nt  enjoy it ?

  6. Arun

    dei vasin nee ethuku dhaadyan 9 moothram kudikarathuku support panra       en kaila maatne ennoda moothram kudippe poruki

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