Hacker steals 4 lacs from Sameera Reddy’s credit card

 Hacker steals 4 lakhs from Sameera Reddys credit card

This might sound like right out of the movies! But fact is we still need to finalize on the camera guy (Yeenough ! … ).Sameera Reddy who was busy welcoming the New Year in high spirits was jostled out of her sleep when her cell phone displayed an unknown number.

On picking up her phone, a complete stranger from the other end told her that he was a hacker of Indian origin based in USA and that he had successfully filched an easy 4 lakhs from her credit card account. However, when the hacker later checked whose account it was, he was taken aback reading Sameera’s name all over it. Being a Sameera fan himself he returned his 1 lakh share from the reported 4 lakhs. The hacker also called back Sameera and gave her some needed tips on avoiding being hacked in the future. He even apologized for being unable to return the rest of the money cause it was in possession with the other hackers, who were not willing to return it at any cost. After the whole episode Sameera gave a useful tip, in return to her fans saying, “Shopping online is never completely safe and I strictly prefer using cash for my personal purchases from now onwards.”

 Now we believe all those banks who offer credit cards with a MONEY BACK guarantee, (provided you’re a celebrity..Now why do you blame the bank for it?….Lol)


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