Genelias party with the Boys

Genelias to party with the BoysGenelia D’souza has come a long way from her 2003 debut in Boys to her very recent release Urumi in 2011 in which she underwent a total image makeover of a warrior princess from that of a bubbly girl. Even though it’s been a long ride for this peppy actress she still manages to keep in touch with her old friends as time moves on.

If rumor mills are to be believed we hear that Genie is planning for a big party night with Siddarth, Bharath, Thaman, Nakul and Manikandan who played pivotal roles in the youth entertainer ‘Boys’ alongside her. While Siddarth has shifted his priority to the Telugu industry Bharath has been able to hang on to Tamil with his latest project Yuvan Yuvathi in store for fans. Thaman on the other hand has taken a new path altogether as he is a much sought after music composer in Telugu and Tamil circles. Genie plans to catch up with her ‘Boys’ soon, taking a much needed break from her busy schedules.

We wonder who is rolling the music for this party.


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