Genelias miffed after buddy Ritesh Deshmukh received SMSs from Asin

Genelias miffed after buddy Ritesh Deshmukh received SMSs from Asin

Well both Asin and Genelia D’souza are two Kollywood ladies with a lot in common. Apart from wooing the Bollywood audience with their fancies both of them have quietly hooked their personal lives with 2 good looking faces up in Bolly town. While hottie Asin is ever ‘Ready’ to grab a special moment  with her beefcake partner Salman Khan away from her movie shoots, the chirpy birdy Genelia seems to have found her way to her ‘just good friends’ partner Ritesh Deshmukh’s heart.It is also heard that after initially opposing the idea of marriage and tying the nuptial knot, their parents had finally given in to Genie and Ritesh after the couple managed to convince both parties. Now when everyone is happy and looking forward to the W-day, here comes the twist in the tale.

Sources reported that queeny lady Asin instead of completing her film duties on the sets is busy resolving some problems of her own.In fact sources at the sets were surprised to see Asin frequently sending her assistant to get SMS refills between the shoots. It is learnt that Asin has been in touch with Genelia’s buddy Ritesh Deshmukh of late. In fact the gorgeous actress herself confirmed the news saying, Oh! the SMS, yeah Riteish just dropped me a message saying that he was really enjoying the shoots back in Patiala.He is shooting with Genelia for a new movie in Patiala. On further inquiries sources close to Genelia said that the cute actress was quite miffed with Ritesh logged onto this mobile phone all the time and ignoring Genie in the process.

Hmmm… Asin, we wonder wazz cooking?




  1. june

    asin should know better and ritesh..they don’t have to cut off contact but don’t glue your eyes to your phone…that’s disrespectful to genelia, and the cast and crew of the movie

  2. Smile

    Kudhoogalama erukurua kudumbathu kulle yeanpa kummi adikireenga?Probably Ritesh and Asin are just proffesional buddies.Being friends is not wrong as long as they know their limits.Ritesh and Genelia make an awsome pair and they are officially a couple now so Asin has to step out gracefully.

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