Genelia serenades lover Retiesh with a chirpy tune

The lovely couple of Ritesh and Genelia

Now this is what we call a real twist in the script, oops ! let’s get ‘real’ this time. In fact many witnessed it with their own eyes. Kollywood cutie Genelia D’Souza and her lover boy Riteish Deshmukh were the cynosure of all eyes as the glamorous film jodi stepped into a plush Mumbai restaurant last Saturday.

The couple got real close and personal in each others intoxicating presence, not before enjoying some fine food and writing off a ‘well spent weekend with my special someone’ in their personal diaries, a welcome change from their busy shooting schedules for both actors. Now we can’t blame them with Saturday Night Fever catching wild.(It’s not over folks), at the stroke of midnight hour, Genelia serenaded her lover boy Riteish with her chirpy voice filling the air.A she sang exclusively for Riteish who had nothing to say, as he gazed at his love with twinkled eyes.It can be recalled that the lovely duo had earlier caught attention dancing arm in arm at a private party in the absences of their close friends.

Now it’s been more than a month Valentine’s Day got over and it’s the girl doing all the talking rather ‘singing’, figure it out people. Genelia who is waiting for her Urumi release also acquired the skill to row a small boat specially made in Nowe, Poland recently.

Just wondering if she’s got ‘rowing the boat with Riteish on board’ listed in her future plans.


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