Genelia received candies

The very cute Genelia D'Souza
The very cute Genelia D'Souza giving her "candy" smile

Genelia shared a nice little tidbit with us of a sweet experience she had while shooting for Orange.During the shoot our cuty Genelia received candies from Director Bhaskar.

Infact the act was aimed by Director Bhaskar to invoke competition between Genelia and her costar.

Bhaskar used to give candies to me or Ram Charan at the end of shooting everyday depending on who acted well on that particular day.”

The perky actress further added “It was fun. I and Ram Charan tried to excel each other. This competition also helped us to carry off our emotional scenes easily” she said!

We did hear that “Chocolates can do wonders” , well now we know it really works.



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