Genelia in shrieks and shivers

A scared Genelia
A scared Genelia

This one is straight out of a horror flick.

Actress Genelia’s recent experience in Australia was in no way amusing, rather a creepy one.  The news is that actress Genelia reportedly heard strange voices in her hotel room in Australia where she had been shooting for Orange Telugu film.

“I was allotted a room in a star hotel. When I entered the room I felt something strange. Scaring images were painted on the walls.”,the actress said, describing her experience. She was brave enough to stay back and take notice of the developments.

Earlier she ignored the voices thinking that they were coming from outside her room, but not for too long as she noticed that the talking could be heard continuously.

And finally a “wall cracking sound.” “I started shivering.” confessed the actress. As she immediately dashed out of her room.

The actress was relieved on discussing her experience with others who had accompanied her as they too had experienced it.” So we stayed in another hotel. This was a thrilling experience.”

Was it the last weeks  Halloween in North America haunting Genelia  in Australia?



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