Genelia and Ritesh marriage on February 4th 2012


The ever-so-chirpy Genelia D’souza is all set to take the marriage vows with dear friend Ritesh Deshmukh come New Year 2012. After getting engaged to the Bollywood actor in a private ceremony, the two will get hitched this February 2012.According to trusted sources the wedding date is fixed for a February 4th with the Hyaat Regency being chosen as the venue for this star studded marriage.

Both families want the marriage ceremony to be a private affair. It is also known that there was some real convincing needed when things came out in the public about Ritesh and Genelia affair. But having braved all odds both Ritesh and Genelia are one happy couple. Earlier when Genelia was questioned, she herself had denied any plans of marriage in the near future saying she wanted to concentrate on her movie career for the moment. However it is now known that there has been no objection from Ritesh and his family members on Genie’s wish of holding tightly to her movie career even after marriage. Among the huge list of invitees the Bachchan family, including Aishwarya and Abhishek Bachchan have also been invited. An official announcement is yet to follow from Ritesh and Genelia regarding their February delight.

Here is wishing the two, all the best.



  1. Nayanthara lover

    well just look at ritesh…he’s got one eye going to his own goal post and the other one to the opponent goal post…..I wonder what Genelia SAW in hime…

  2. Smile

    hahaha….liked the way you said it but hey don’t be so mean dude….he is good looking.after all beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and it’s love….so its alright.As long as he is a nice person and keeps her well…. 🙂

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