Enthiran 2 coming your way

Enthiran 2 coming your way
Enthiran 2 coming your way

The final scenes that concluded the mega block buster Enthiran was an emotional Vaseegaran asking Chitti to dismantle himself while the ‘equally emotional’ Chitti apologizes Sana and Vaseegaran for all the mayhem and destruction it caused.

Then in 2030, we see Chitti being shown to school students who wonder in amazement what the dismantled pieces would have been capable of as a single force. Well now we hear there will be an answer to all this as fans can expect another twist in the plot.

Even though the movie was concluded on a peaceful note many where still searching for answers regarding the anti-hero who extracted the codes to make the dreadful red chip,and whether he did sell the code to others or not? It is from here that many fans expect Director Shankar to take things away and keep them captivated with his mind blowing sequel.

Well Shankar is presently busy with his Nanban shoots and Rajinikanth already has almost 3 movies lined up for him and we had earlier mentioned a Rajini-Shankar movie coming your way under Udhayanidhi Stalin’s Red Giants Movies. Click here

Is this it?



  1. Gopi

    Did any one asked you to watch ??? idhe padam hollywood la eduthaa ahoo super solra.. pandha kootam, ellam engalum theriyummaaa…

  2. Sam

    Sorry buddy, Enthiran is a Tamil movie, if you were expecting it to be a English movie. 
    Rasika theriyadha mummy daddysss….

  3. Ronny

    @Sneha, has your radio tag been removed by US authorities?? try getting it when you are sent back to India. I need one for my dog.

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