Dont Dare telling Bala, Avan Ivan is Agni Natchathiram copy

Director Bala

The Unit of director Bala’s ‘Avan Ivan’ was in splits on the other day when the temperamental director made a small-screen actor literally ‘sweat it out’ for having chided badly about the script of the film.

The actor, who plays a prominent ‘father role’ in a famous tele-serial on a popular regional channel, was reportedly called by Bala for an audition to play a role in his upcoming film ‘Avan Ivan’ starring Arya and Vishal. The actor, who landed up at the shooting location of Tenkasi, told  Bala that he felt that the script of Avan Ivan appeared very much similar to Maniratnam’s ‘Agni Natchathiram’ which released more than 20 years ago.

Stung by the criticism from the actor, Bala pretended as if he didn’t notice it and asked the actor to get himself ‘prepared’ to play the role. Later called a couple of his assistant directors and told them to bring rice and Urad dal for the actor so that he can grind them together using Aattu Kal(an archaic stone-made instrument meant for the purpose.)

“Practice grinding the mixture for three days. Before that, get out of your pant shirt and put this on,” saying so, he asked an old man, who was a by-stander, to give his old lungi and headgear (towel) to the actor, so brings in more reality to the scene.

The actor did as he was told is a different issue; the issue is whether the script is a novel one or is it the case of ‘old wine poured into a new bottle’? that makes Bala go mad about.



  1. gal

    this is very arrogant of bala to behave like this.. watever the old man may have said, at least respect his age..

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