Divya Spandana regrets her decision to join politics?

divya spandana politics

Actress Divya Spandana (still ‘Kuthu’ Ramya to some of her fans) is reportedly at the cross-roads of her life. The Kannada starlet, who recently joined the Youth Wing of the Karnataka Pradesh Congress Party, is said to be regretting her decision to joint politics at a time when her film career was going great guns.

Seen in films like Giri, Vaaranam Aayiram, Polladhavan and Singampuli, Divya is one of the leading actresses in the world of Kannada films. Most of the films starring Divya turn out to be hit films and as such, many frontline heroes vie with each other to pair up opposite Divya in their future projects.

Divya’s admiration of Congress’ all-India general secretary Rahul Gandhi made her joint the local Unit of the national party. Soon after joining the party, she reportedly wanted to go up the ranks in quick time but that was not to be the case as many veterans were waiting for many years to reach the post she wanted for herself: the post of president of the State Youth Wing of the party.

Many senior leaders were feeling sidelined at the importance given by the party leadership to Divya’s presence and were awaiting for the ‘first wrong mover’ from Divya and made full use of it when she expressed her desire to head the State unit of the youth wing of the party. Following this, a ‘show cause notice’ was issued to Divya which hasn’t gone down well with her.

She is said to be regretting her decision to take to politics! Doesn’t experience make one wiser?



  1. ismail

    yenna mairru idhu..nambilki intha mathri too much acting ponnungale pidikathu..intha ramya’ve nalla kuthu’nge yejaman >:o

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