Divya Spandana made Sai Ramani fly to Bangalore

An adamant Divya Spandana
An adamant Divya Spandana

Everything was looking well for Jeeva’s Singam Puli to release this February 11th but now director Sai Ramani gave us some news on a rather distasteful note. The director was eager to share with us the extra effort he had to put in to get Divya Spandana to board his ship.

Sai Ramani revealed that Divya demanded to hop in only after she gives a good listen to the script, though she is not so famous in Kollywood.The lady successfully ended up forcing the director to schedule his flights for Bangalore. Well the displeased man surprisingly got a yes from the actress within seconds after hearing the narration from the director’s mouth. Divya was also promised a kuthu song in the process hoping the song would help her regaining her initial screen name ‘Kuthu’ Ramya.

Now we wonder if Divya wanted to make a point to Sai Ramani ‘in person’.


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