Disappointed Vijay Flies to Bangok

Vijay flies to Bangkok on a unplanned trip sensationalizing  the entire town of Kollywood.

Well,  the gossip in the kolly circles are Some say that Vijay couldn’t bear the failure of his recent film Sura with all leading media channel giving poor review ratings and in order to avoid  a public appeance for the marriage ceremony of director  Siddiques daughter Vijay has purposely flewn to Bangkok.

While other sources say Vijay and Siddique had some difference of opinions as the actor had insisted him to make alterations in Kavalkaaran ( a remake of Siddique’s blockbuster Bodyguard ). Since, the director didn’t accept his requests; he seems to have been disappointed.

Meanwhile, calls rounding upon air are that Sun Pictures is planning to release their next production Singam on 28th May  so as to make up for the losses incurred with distributors and theatre exhibitors of Sura.



  1. Anonymous

    enna maa enna alteration suggestion…First ozhungana kathai-yai select pannu. Who will pay back our hard earned money if you go and sit in Bangkok ? Suravil comedy pannareyan solli engalai ellam vemba vittae.

  2. Anonymous

    Vijay must be choosy about the story of the movie..Without story no movies can run whether it is big or small.

  3. Anonymous

    cant even bear his loss, cant even stand up for himself.. running away from his losses. Pls dont call yourself a hero next time.

  4. Anonymous

    every actor has got their own talents. vijay has his own talents. just by choosing a bad story doesnt make him a loser. the one who condems him first of all see your own weakness.

  5. Anonymous

    Every1 don't be 2 happy cos Vijay anna will be back.. he has to. Sura might be flop that's NOT because of Vijay but Tammana made the flop…she can't act….kavalkaran will be a super hit for him!!!
    Come back anna!

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