Director Hari praises Suriya sky-high;Dhanush got tensed

Surya-Director Hari

Director Hari is said to be gearing to make his fourth film with Suriya in the lead. The duo’s earlier films in ‘Aaru’, ‘Vel’ and ‘Singam’ have been huge hits and as such, Suriya appears to be topping the list of Hari’s favourite heroes. The director’s liking for the hero was none too visible than at the press-meet called recently in connection with the release of his ‘Venghai’ on July 7.

Speaking on the occasion, Hari said that Suriya’s commitment and dedication were unmatched and added that along with Vikram, Suriya was the only other hero who would never use a ‘duplicate’ even in high-risk action sequences. The director’s praise of Suriya obviously made Dhanush, the hero of ‘Venghai’, stir in his seat a bit.

The presspersons went on to shoot many questions which only evoked more praises of Suriya from Hari. Obviously, the questions veered towards whether Dhanush did his own stunts or used a duplicate for ‘Venghai’. Not the one to hold back the truth, Hari told them that as Dhanush didn’t want to take risk, they made use of a ‘duplicate’.

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