Director Bala suffering from 4 Crores debt

Director Bala
Director Bala

Director Bala is a curious case study. The director, a known perfectionist, usually leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that everything goes on properly at the sets during the time of shooting of his films. Though his films receive critical acclaim from the print and television media and the general public, Bala’s financial situation hardly improves after every film’s release.

Take for example ‘Naan Kadavul’: the film acheived moderate success at the box-office but won him the national award and won actor Arya many more meaningful roles in his career but all these didn’t obliterate the fact that many artistes, who did small roles in the film, remain unpaid till today.

Bala also has the tendency of over-shooting the original budget and when the producer hesitates or refuses to foot the extra-budget, Bala manages to arrange for the amount from the many financiers known to him. Invariably, the loans he takes from the financiers remain a burden on him and remain forever as Bala is not getting paid additionally if the film succeeded.

Though he has a good reputation among the directors, actors and the public, his loans have been constantly burdening him though he won’t talk about that in public. Sources close to him say that the amount has now swelled to an intolerable Rs.4 crores.

Who would bail out the maverick film-maker?



  1. Mohana

    BALA sir You are the number one always the best people suffer it is world known truth, poi solravan thirudaravan kollaiydikkiravan eppavume vasathiyaa iruppaan nallavan nalla kalaignan eppavume kashtapduvan

    Dont woryy bala God will help you!
    You are the proud of India

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