Dhoni Visits Asin’s House at Lokhandwala

Dhoni Visits Asin House at Lokhandwala

Asin and Indian skipper M.S. Dhoni seem to be the newest friends in town!  and are becoming thick friends by the day. Apparently the cricketer visited Asin’s house at Lokhandwala on April 21 to watch the first IPL semi-final between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Mumbai Indians.

Just before the first IPL semi-final between Mumbai and Bangalore began, Dhoni reached Asin’s house, and he possibly stayed there till the match ended. Asin’s neighbours were excited when news spread about Dhoni being seen entering her flat, and all were eager to catch his glimpse. However, Dhoni luckily managed to leave the building without grabbing any more attention, reported a leading newspaper.

Sources say that the Asin-Dhoni friendship began over an year ago. They have done two commercials together and have been meeting in connection with the promotion of a particular brand, which they jointly endorse. Asin also participated in Dhoni’s birthday celebrations last year.

Rumours about a romantic involvement between the two is also doing the rounds.



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