Dhanush,Selvaraghavan on collision course over Andreas expulsion?

Dhanush Selvaraghavan

Actor Dhanush is extremely delighted to have won the national award for ‘best actor’ for his performance in ‘Aadukalam’, which also won four more awards in various categories. Soon after winning the award, Dhanush said that he was dedicating the award to superstar Rajinikanth and said he hoped to see his father-in-law back in to action.

The national award notwithstanding, there appears some simmering trouble between Dhanush and his elder brother and director Selvaraghavan. Selvaa’s act of expelling Andrea Jermiah as heroine opposite Dhanush and replacing her with newbie Richa in his ‘Irandaam Ulagam’ hasn’t reportedly gone down well with Dhanush, it is said.

Dhanush’s said to be particularly peeved at Selvaa’s decision to change the heroine after almost 50% of the film’s shooting of the film is over. Selvaa’s decision to replace Andrea with Richa was reportedly due to the difference of opinion that erupted between them. Incidentally, Andrea is also said to be the reason behind the split between Selvaa and his erstwhile wife and actress Sonia Aggarwal. The split later culminated in divorce last year.

Dhanush wasn’t amused when asked by Selvaa to allot dates to re-shoot with Richa the earlier sequences that he had shot with Andrea. Dhanush reportedly told him that he could allot dates only when he was ‘free’ and cant’ as per the whims and fancies of Selvaa. The latter retorted that Dhanush shouldn’t forget that it was he (Selvaa) who gave him a break in films many years back.

Even as the celebrity brothers are indulged in bickering, their father and director Kasturi Rajaa is said to be attempting mediation between them!


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